Cassie Carlyle was found floating face down in the backyard pool of her Hollywood Hills residence around midnight. It's a case that was never solved and has haunted me to this day.
Cassie Carlyle
Unsolved Case #19-34-772
Minutes before midnight on Christmas Eve the phone rang with the same news as every other late night call. With the top down under a full moon I drove to 122 Whiskey Ct. Two patrol cars were blocking the entrance to the modern bungalow while a small group of neighbors in bathrobes eagerly answered questions from reporters hoping to break the story first. My head hurt before I even went into the back yard.

As soon as I stepped onto the patio my gut told me that this death was no accident. On a table in between two lounge chairs were a Christmas feast of take out Chinese food and two Mai Tai's. Two people had been here and one of them drowned. Someone out there knew how Cassie died. They may have even been responsible. After conducting some interviews I gather a list of primary suspects. I've thought of this case every day since then. Someone must solve this case...
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